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DATE:  May 2015

HOST:  Darren    COOK:  Bob




Cypriot Lamb fingers with 3 way sauces


A combination of Pizza’s including variations of Meat luvvers, and due to popular demand “Bob’s SuperDuper Supreme.


White Chocolate Mouse with Pedro Ximénez fruit syrup.







Apr 2015

DATE:  April 2015 HOST:  Luke    COOK:  Luke   WHATS COOKING: STARTER: Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABT's) MAIN: Ribs and then some cold-smoked steaks DESERT: unknown   REVIEWS/COMMENTS:   STARTER MAIN DESERT

Dec 2014

DATE:  Dec 2014 HOST:  Luke    COOK:  UB   WHATS COOKING: STARTER: Asian Starters Surprise MAIN: Sichuan Hot Pot (2 Options : Hot for the men and mild for the poofs) DESERT: Dom Pedro (Whiskey, Ice Cream and Condensed Milk) REVIEWS/COMMENTS:   STARTER MAIN...

Nov 2014

DATE:  NOV 2014 HOST:  Darren    COOK:  Bob   WHATS COOKING: STARTER: Kataifi Prawns with a Lime Mayonnaise sauce MAIN: Various Pizzas, which will include; - Bob's secret sauce Marina - Ground Angus beef and Chorizo - Super Duper Supreme - Classic Aussie Ham and...

Sept 2014

DATE:  Sept 2014 HOST:  Mark    COOK:  Mark   WHATS COOKING: STARTER: Unknown MAIN: Chargrilled 600g T-Bone with Jack Daniels Pepper Sauce and Steak Cut Fries DESERT: Toblerone Chocolate Mousse. REVIEWS/COMMENTS: STARTER MAIN...