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Examples of how ‘Shaping Behaviour’ has facilitated new skills in individuals:

Building the capacity in teachers, teacher aides, and parents to demonstrate and model what behaviour to reinforce Teaching parents on how to implement a toileting program, for a child with an intellectual disability, that was aimed at initiating a bowel movement in toilet training Using a preference assessment to establish what reinforces a student who is nonverbal Creating a visual schedule for a child with Autism to assist a family in morning routines at home Developing a visual schedule for staff to use at school to help a student with Autism transition from one activity to the next Teaching a replacement behaviour for spitting in public Using a reinforcement schedule to increase the difficulty of a task for a student who was disengaged in learning and participating within school Teaching handwashing through a sequence of steps using reinforcement Toilet training a 17 year old male across three settings – school, home and a residential setting Developing a social story to use the boy’s toilet at school Teaching ‘Mindfulness’ strategies to reduce hyperactivity and increase on-task behaviour Teaching ‘Mindfulness’ strategies to reduce anxiety Teaching anger management strategies to individuals who had limited self-regulation skills